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Your swimming pool is a big investment. You can feel confident choosing Poolside Pools & Spas to build or remodel your pool. With over 20 years of experience, we are EXPERTS in pool construction and pool building. Our professionals know what it takes to build all types of pools and spas regardless if they are on a hill or a small backyard. We offer a variety of pool and spa maintenance and repairs.


Poolside Pools & Spas of Sterling, IL is a family owned and operated business with a knowledgeable team of experienced professionals that treat our customers like family. We offer quality service with reasonable rates. We carry state of the art equipment from only the top pool equipment dealers.


Poolside Pools & Spas ensures satisfaction and enjoyment for ALL of our valued customers. We want to help transform your backyard into that PRIVATE RETREAT for spending time with family, outdoor entertainment and relaxation.


Poolside Pools & Spas Offers:

- Above Ground, In-Ground & On-Ground Pools


- New & Used Spas


- Parts & Accessories for Pools & Spas


- Pool & Spa Maintenance & Repair


- Liner Replacement or Repair


- Water Testing


- Pool Renovations


- Equipment Replacements

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Are you looking to build a new pool, renovate an existing one or just want to talk about your options? Contact Us or Call 815-626-6120!

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