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Why are there air bubbles flowing into the pool from the return fitting(s)?


There could be a leak on the suction side of the pump. Check the following items to ensure it is not the reason for air entering the system:


- Strainer Cover and O-ring. Tighten or replace if needed.


- Water Level.


- Drain plugs on the pump strainer housing.


- Check threaded fittings for leaks from improper sealants


- Glued fittings for bad glue joints


- All valves for possible leaks. Valve stem O-rings are a common for leaks


- Check pump housing for cracks.

Why won’t my pump fill with water (prime)?


- Possible air leak on the suction side of the pump.


- Ensure the suction line is free of obstructions.


- Check to make sure the impeller is still attached to the shaft of the motor. If the impeller has broken off, it will need to be replaced

Can I run my pump without water?


Hayward Pool pumps should never operate without water. If the pump is running without water, the seal assembly will overheat and melt, If left running without water for a long period of time, the heat generated could damage the PVC pipe and other system components.

My cleaner is moving slowly or stopped completely?


- Low pressure. Use pressure-testing fitting to check the pressure. It should be approximately 27psi


- Check the filter screen located about 2ft from the wall fitting. Inspect it for damage or remove debris.  If filter screen continually clogs, check

pool filter for possible problems that are allowing debris to bypass the filter


- Check hose connection at the cleaner head for leakage.  Repair if necessary.


- Ensure booster pump is properly working and not blocked


- Check all hose connections for possible leaks.  Ensure o-rings at rigid pipe connections are in place and free of damage


- Ensure thruster hoses are connected to the manifold (inside the cleaner head)

Cleaner’s pipes are knotted or tangled


- One of the skim jet holes may be clogged


- Check hose connections for leaks.  Ensure o-rings at rigid pipe connections are in place and not damaged. Check swivels & replace if needed


- Sweep hose may not be working or is moving too slowly.  Check for clogs or missing nozzles.

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My Pump is loud


The motor has an internal cooling fan that can be heard.  Carefully consider the location when installing your pump; under a window may not be the preferred location.


Ensure the pump is level and the suction lines are not higher then the pump. The bearing(s) could be noisy due to age or high concentrations of chemicals and/or heat. A leaky pump seal could damage the front motor bearing. It is very important to quickly repair any leaks around the pump to prevent extensive damage. It is recommended that you replace the bearings or the entire motor.


The suction piping may be undersized. If the pipe is undersized,  the amount of water the pump requires to operate properly is greatly reduced. Increasing the pipe size (increase water flow) or dropping the size of the impeller (decrease water flow) can quiet the pump. The second is that there is little or no backpressure on the pressure side of system (water feature pumps are a good example). Adding a valve or something to increase backpressure is advised.


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