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Pool Filter Maintenance - One of the most important pieces of equipment to maintain is the pool filter. Proper filter maintenance is essential if you want to keep your pool water sparkling and clean. The job of the filter is to remove any undissolved dirt and debris from the pool water. We sell and install only Hayward sand filters. We can get parts for a variety of brands and we will service a multitude of brands including DE and cartridge. Ensure that your pool filter is running at its optimal performance. Contact Poolside Pools & Spas to answer any questions you have regarding your pool filter.


Pool Pump Maintenance - The heart of the circulation system is the pool pump. It moves water from the pool through the filter for removal of dirt and debris before sending it back into the pool. Our Hayward Pumps are engineered for performance, efficiency and dependability. There are many factors that determine how long you should run your pump. Contact Poolside Pools & Spas and we will help determine how long you should be running your pump.


Pool Chemical Maintenance - It is extremely important to keep the proper levels of pool chemicals present in your swimming pool. We offer the best pool chemicals and pool cleaning equipment so you can keep your swimming pool and spa clean and refreshing. Our main line of pool chemicals is by GLB and our main line of spa chemicals is by Leisure Time. We offer a variety of chemical testers and test strips. Testing your pool and spa several times a week is important to maintain adequate water balance and sanitizer levels. If you need information on the chemical maintenance of your pool or spa Contact Poolside Pools & Spas.


Pool Filter & Pump Repairs - We provide a large variety of equipment repair and replacement services for your swimming pools and spas. We are also able to help you upgrade your pool and spa equipment and ensure the absolute highest quality. When your pool filter or pump is in need of repair you want to get the issue taken care of in the quickest most efficient time as possible. From your pool liner to the gas pool heater, Poolside Pools & Spas is your full service "poolboy."

We evaluate the problem.


Discuss the repairs needed.


Implement a solution.

Opening/Closing Pools & Spas - We sell and install retail pools, spas and the equipment necessary to maintain them. We will open and close both pools and spas seasonally.

*If your pool or spa is maintained throughout the winter months it can be easily prepared for summer swimming season with less time and effort. Properly closing your swimming pool and spa is also very important. Improperly closing your pool can make the reopening process much more difficult and costly. Contact the professionals at Poolside for assistance opening or closing your pool and spa.

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At Poolside Pools & Spas, our certified, skilled swimming pool professionals will assist in all of your residential pool and spa maintenance and repair needs. We want to ensure that your pool or spa is running great and is well maintained to last for years. Regular maintenance of your swimming pool and spa will lengthen the life and increase the value of your big investment. Regular maintenance will also minimize the possibility of expensive, unforeseen issues from rising.