1702 Westwood Dr., Sterling IL 61081

Hours Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm

October 1st-April 1st

PH: (815) 626-6120
TXT: (815) 499-7605

Saunas built for beauty and relaxation

At Poolside Pools and Spas, we strive to make our saunas with the very best components and features. Our saunas are hand crafted with attention focused on detail and quality. Our aspen hardwood is unmatched in the industry, and we’ve packed in several features to further show that Poolside Pools & Spas of Sterling IL is simply the best.

See how we stack up against the competition:


TheraSauna’s® quality in the far infrared sauna industry is second to none. Take a closer look at our sauna models and see why!